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How do I get fit?

Our Personal Training Management (PTM) is based on sports science. At the beginning of each program tests are made to determine the fitness level. Based on this, an individual program is created. After 12 weeks a re-check is made to prove the progress.

How can I improve my endurance?

Based on an endurance test at the beginning of your training, you will receive recommendations on how often and intensively you should train and for how long. These parameters are regularly adjusted. Your pulse and blood pressure will become more economical.

How do I build muscle?

The muscle cell, like every cell of an organism reacts to stimuli. If the stimulus is too low, nothing happens, no matter how often you go to the gym. If the stimulus is sufficiently high, however, you build up muscle mass steadily but slowly. As a result, the stimulus must be constantly adapted.

How do I break down fat?

Fat burning is one of the most misunderstood chapters of exercise science.

Myths like “fat burning starts at 40 minutes” are based on a misconception. You only ever burn as much fat as your maximal oxygen uptake allows and this depends on your training status.


How can I lose weight?

Losing weight is most often understood as weight loss. However, we want to specifically reduce body fat while maintaining or building muscle.

We achieve this through regular and progressive training and a slight calorie deficit.

How often should I train?

Two training sessions per week have the best effort/result factor. This has been proven by our evaluations for more than 15 years. Of course, you can train more often.

So do I have to train twice a week in any case?

No! We have members who regularly train only once a week. Even with this it is possible to build muscle.

How much can I lose weight?

Two training sessions per week lead on average to a body fat reduction of two to three kilograms and/or a muscle mass gain of also two to three kilograms.

What should I eat?

In principle, everything, but as always it depends on the quality and quantity. As far as possible natural foods, little convenience products, sugar, fat and alcohol. Above all, drink plenty of water.

stay young

What does "staying young" mean?

Stopping time or even turning it back is not in our power. What we can do, however, is improve your biomarkers, such as body fat, muscle mass, resting heart rate and blood pressure, demonstrably and in the long term. And maybe you haven’t felt as young as you do after training for a very long time.

Can I still build muscle at my age?

Numerous studies show that even very elderly people are able to build muscle.

Can I exercise with high blood pressure?

Of course! This has been recommended for decades. It is important that you have a recommendation from a cardiologist regarding upper pulse limit so that we can provide you with a safe and effective workout.

Can I still improve my posture?

Yes, with the right exercises and technique, you can do it. No matter if you are 18 or 80 years old.


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