Yes, I want to stay young!

Physical fitness becomes more and more important with increasing age. Mobility and physical performance guarantee a high quality of life, even in old age.


Personal Training Management: Staying Young Made Easy

Our PTM* training plans consist of two focal points:

An individually adapted strength training to maintain the musculature, strengthen the musculoskeletal system and as an effective anti-osteoporosis measure.

And individually dosed endurance training for the cardiovascular system. This improves the blood supply to the heart muscle, the heart thus works more economically, and the calcification of arteries is counteracted. The best prevention method against cardiovascular diseases!

We have particularly attractive offers for pensioners.

* GET UP Fitness Personal Training Management (PTM) is an individual coaching system tailored to you personally and already included in the membership fee.

Gym membership including PTM

Our unique offer:

Personal Training Management (PTM) is already included in your membership.

We develop your personal training plans together with you every 12 weeks.

  • Medical history
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Body fat measurement
  • Endurance test
  • Program development
  • Individual training coaching



All Inclusive

Personal Coaching

Panorama Wellness Facility

Towel service

No annual commitment


starting at € 54,- / month

Rates by commitment period, senior-student-raiser-partner-company rates.


Fitness for 50+

Trained people over 50 are often fitter than untrained people half their age.

Our training leads to a rejuvenation of your biological age. In this way, you can be younger in a year than you are now.

For everyone and at any age, the entire active and passive musculoskeletal system must be maintained or optimized in its functioning. The load must be chosen adequately and individually in order to achieve improvements.

Through our training coaching (PTM) you will become leaner, firmer and prevent cardiovascular diseases, back problems and osteoporosis.
You will have more energy, balance, coordination, and this regardless of your age and fitness level.

Get Up anamnese

Fitness for 50+

You’re never too old to exercise – especially as you get older, it can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. In fact, trained people over 50 are often fitter than untrained people half their age. With our training at GET UP Fitness, you can improve your physical fitness and achieve a younger biological age.

Our training program is specifically designed to maintain or optimize the function of your entire active and passive musculoskeletal system. We know that the load must be adequate and individualized in order to achieve improvements. That’s why we offer personal training management tailored to your needs and goals.

Personal training management will make you slimmer and more toned, which can lead to higher self-esteem and confidence. But that’s not all – through our training you will also prevent cardiovascular diseases, back problems and osteoporosis. This gives you the opportunity to achieve the best possible physical condition at every stage of your life.

And the best part? With our exercise program, you can be younger in a year than you are now. Our workouts will rejuvenate your biological age so you can not only feel better, but also look younger.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our workout coaching today and start your journey to a healthier and fitter life!

Gym membership including PTM

Do you want to lose weight and get your body in top shape? Then our personal training management is the perfect choice for you. Our program is specifically designed to help you burn fat, build muscle and improve your physical fitness.

Personal Training Management (PTM) is included in your membership. We will work with you every 12 weeks to develop your personal training plans.

Our unique fitness offer

Our comprehensive program begins with a thorough medical history to assess your individual needs and goals.

A blood pressure reading and body fat measurement help us determine your current physical performance level.

An endurance test allows us to determine your cardiovascular fitness. With all of this information, our GET UP fitness trainers can create a personalized workout coaching program for you that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Basierend auf diesen Informationen erstellen wir ein individuelles Trainingsprogramm, das perfekt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt ist und Ihnen dabei hilft, Fett zu verbrennen und Muskeln aufzubauen.

Individual training coaching

The individual training coaching at GET UP gym is designed to take into account your physical strengths and weaknesses and to develop a training program that is specifically tailored to your needs. By regularly adjusting your workout plan and incorporating new exercises, your workout will remain challenging and motivating.

Your coach will mentor you and ensure you are using proper technique to avoid injury and maximize the effectiveness of your workout. Individual coaching will also help you track your progress and support you in achieving your goals.

With our personal training management, we can help you reach your goals faster and more effectively. Schedule an appointment today and experience the benefits of a training plan that is customized to you.

All inclusive: membership with added value

A membership at GET UP Fitnessstusio offers everything you need for a successful workout – and more! With our all-inclusive membership, you’ll also enjoy access to our state-of-the-art Panorama Wellness Facility.

Plus, we offer a convenient towel service that saves you from lugging around heavy towels. And the best part? We focus on flexibility, so we don’t have an annual commitment – you decide how long you want to stay with us.

Experience the best fitness has to offer with a GET UP gym membership. We look forward to accompanying you on your fitness and wellness journey.

starting at € 54,- / month

No annual commitment

Rates by commitment period, senior-student-raiser-partner-company rates.


50 meters from the subway U2 station Krieau

Feel-good fitness studio
on the 8th floor des Courtyard by Marriott Vienna/Prater Messe

Cardiovascular equipment, weight training equipment, treadmills, premium panorama sauna, steam bath, relaxation rooms, and much more.

Directly in Viertel Zwei, near the Grüner Prater and the WU campus.


Opening hours

daily 6am to 24pm